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White Salmon Wines Launches New Wine Accessory Kit

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White Salmon Wines is a new company that is launching some new and unique wine accessory products.

White Salmon Wines is based in the Pacific Northwest which has a growing reputation as one of the best wine producing wine regions in the world.  This is partly because this region has a very similar climate to the best wine country in Europe.  Our volcanic soils are perfect for growing a variety of wine grapes.  The Willamette Valley is especially know for it’s highly prized Pinot Noir.  A translucent wine with subtle flavors that goes well with a variety of entrees or snacks.

Living in a region with an abundant and flourishing  wine industry inspired the owners to launch White Salmon Wines.  The name comes from the White Salmon River a pristine mountain river that is a popular white water river.  The White Salmon is also known for it’s salmon and steel head runs.  The river originates from the White Salmon Glacier on Mt Adams a 12,280 foot mountain in the heart of the Cascade mountain range and very close to the Columbia River Gorge.  The river is only 44 miles long and empty’s into the Columbia  river.  Because the river drops 50 feet per mile it is a favorite for white water enthusiasts.  The scenery here is unparalleled anywhere in the world.

White Salmon Wines is getting a start by launching an accessory kit that wine enthusiast will love.  It includes a 4 in 1 wine opener that will cut the foil covering the cork while easily removing the cork.  Additionally in the T handle the is a spout make pouring easier.  Also in the T handle is a convenient wine stopper so you can cap the bottle to preserve your wine.  The kit also includes a aerator to enhance the flavor of your favorite wine.   The last item included in the kit is a convenient carry bag so you can carry your kit on an outing with friends like a picnic or boating or back yard barbeque.


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